Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hope through Jesus Christ and His Atonement

I want to express my sorrow for the tragic shooting in Connecticut on Friday. I ache for that community and the many families who lost their precious little ones. I think many factors contributed to its culmination but I know of only one way to find peace in its wake: through Jesus Christ and His infinite atonement. My familiarity with the words of some of His servants helps me, though mournful, to gain needed perspective and hope. You can find comfort in these talks, too:
  • "Because I live, ye shall live also"/Shayne M. Bowen. After losing a child, he found hope through Christ.
  • Trial of your faith/Neil L. Anderson. Bad things happen to good people - it's how we respond to them that matters.
  • Protect the children/Dallin H. Oaks. "Children are an heritage of the Lord" and He loves and delights in our little ones.
  • Faith to forgive grievous harms/James R. Rasband. "The Atonement really can make us completely whole, even for those things that seem like they can’t be fixed or repaired.... Even for something as horrible as losing a child because of another’s sin, the Atonement ensures significant restitution through the Resurrection.... It is critical to understand that forgiving others is not just a practical virtue. It is a profound act of faith in the Atonement and the promise that the Savior’s sacrifice repays not just our debts to others but also the debts of others to us." 

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