Sunday, February 19, 2012

"[Living] after the manner of happiness"

"I have found that one of the secrets to a joyful life is to recognize that doing things the Lord’s way will make me happier than doing things my way."
- J. Devn Cornish, The Privilege of Prayer, October 2011 General Conference

"We should never forget that freedom and happiness in all aspects of life come by understanding and living in harmony with eternal gospel principles. They provide a sure foundation upon which to build a productive and happy life."
- Kenneth Johnson, Restoring Faith in the Family, April 2008 Ensign

Ingredients for happiness according to 2 Nephi 5, shared by Marlin K. Jensen, Living After the Manner of Happiness, December 2002 Ensign:
  • Family: "There is no other organization that can so completely satisfy our need for belonging and happiness like the family."
  • Keeping the commandments: "Here is a simple but powerful truth: living righteously and keeping God’s commandments make us happy."
  • Planting gardens and raising animals: "I cannot tell you logically why something as simple as planting a garden, however modest, and harvesting and enjoying the fruits of one’s labors is a source of great happiness, but I know it is." ; "Animals—be they horses, cats, dogs, hamsters, or turtles—touch us deeply and promote our emotional well-being. Given affection and care, they return affection and care generously and consistently. People whose lives include relationships with animals are usually happier. For me at least, heaven will not be heaven unless the animal kingdom is part of God’s kingdom."
  • Scriptures: "Our lives are bound to be happier when we use the scriptures to answer our very personal questions and needs. There are other uplifting influences the scriptures can have in our lives. They can cleanse us from evil thoughts and fortify our resolve to resist temptation. They can give comfort in times of need such as the death of a loved one or other personal tragedy. Reading them can put us in tune with the Spirit of the Lord so that our depression and self-doubts will flee and our 'confidence [will] wax strong in the presence of God' (Doctrine and Covenants 121:45)"
  • Preparedness: "If we are prepared we not only do not fear (Doctrine and Covenants 38:30), but we actually enjoy and derive considerable happiness from the events of our daily lives."
  • Work: "No matter what our life’s work turns out to be, I know we’ll be happier if we regularly labor with our hands. Labor can take many forms: yard work, sewing, quilting, cooking, baking, auto repair, home repair—the list is endless, and so is the happiness and sense of accomplishment such activities produce."
  • Temples: "A good test of how well we are doing in our quest to come unto Christ may be how we feel about the temple and our experiences there. Temple can be synonymous with happiness and joy. It was for Nephi and his people."
  • Church service: "Of course, true Christian service can’t be provided exclusively through institutional means. Random acts of personal service motivated by our feelings of charity are necessary for our salvation. But the organized Church as established by the Lord Jesus Christ, in which we look after and serve others and are looked after and served by others, provides a wonderful source of happiness for all of us."

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