Sunday, May 22, 2011

Music that's good for your marriage (3)

Sometimes at work I listen to Pandora, and this is a song that I recently came across and absolutely fell in love with. The video is just as cute, too!

Phil Vassar's "Just Another Day in Paradise" is a beautifully positive look at the kinds of everyday problems that affect just about every family. We're all busy, and sometimes things get hectic, but isn't it great to be with the people you love, just enjoying life?

Here's the chorus:
Well, it's ok. It's so nice
It's just another day in paradise
Well, there's no place that
I'd rather be
Well, it's two hearts
And one dream
I wouldn't trade it for anything
And I ask the Lord every night
For just another day in paradise

I hope you're enjoying your own "paradise." Remember to take time to show your family how much they mean to you, even when everything seems to be going wrong!

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  1. nice! hard to remember when your living it at times :) nice lyrics...