Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year Resolutions

January 17th marks "Ditch New Years Resolutions Day," but if you're like me, you procrastinated setting those resolutions and you're just now getting started! (Granted, hubby and I were sick the first bit of the new year and with school starting... yeah... it just didn't happen right away)
Some things I would like to do this year include:
  • developing (and sticking with) a more regular workout program
  • becoming more organized when it comes to meals so we end up eating more healthily
  • making time for crafts
  • work on being more kind, more optimistic, and more humble
  • find ways to serve others
As for the first two, here are some great resources that I've found and that I'm excited to play around with a little more:

Exercise TV - from what I can tell, you can watch workout videos for FREE on this website. I actually did one today! I haven't used very many workout videos in my lifetime, but of those that I have used, Leslie Sansone's walking videos are my favorite. They are simple enough that I do not get frustrated trying to follow what the people on the screen are doing. Leslie has a special enthusiasm that helps me to stay motivated. Also, the folks she has in the videos are real people - not overly muscular or overly showy in what they wear. There are workouts for various fitness levels, and you don't need any equipment or a whole lot of space.

Meals Matter - you can create an account on this website and use it to plan our your meals! You can access recipes or even store your own recipes. It looks like there are all sorts of cool tools and resources, and creating an account is FREE!

The other goals are, of course, a little harder to plan out and somewhat more personal.

Some crafts I plan to work on include the File Folder games I wrote about in my last post. I have a crocheted scarf I started about... 2? years ago that would be nice to finish. I might even tackle a skirt pattern that I bought (along with the fabric for it) approximately 6 years ago. We'll see.

Finally, my effort to become more Christlike will be aided as I review and incorporate lessons from the most recent General Conference. Lately, listening to these and other inspired talks has helped me to want to live a better life. Additionally, they turn me to Christ - and remind me that it is only by Him, through Him, and of Him that I can work toward my true potential as a daughter of God.

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